How to fund your Easter getaway 

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Team MONEYME|14 March 2024| 2-minute read

Easter is just around the corner – and for most that means at least four luxurious days off in a row.  

It’s the perfect time to take a quick getaway, whether to a holiday house on the coast or a trip interstate.  

But, to minimise stress, it’s important to sort out your finances before you hit the road (or jump on a plane). So, we’re sharing our tips on how to fund your escape. 

Using your credit card 

Putting your Easter holiday on your credit card can be tempting.  

You can usually use your card nearly anywhere, and, if you need cash, get an advance.  

But credit cards come with drawbacks. The interest rate is often high and fees can be hefty – especially on cash advances.  

Using your credit card is a great option if you don’t need much extra and you know you’ll be able to pay it off sooner rather than later. You can use it for those little holiday additions that are the cherry on top, like sunset cocktails or dinner at that sought-after restaurant. 

Getting a personal loan 

If you want to do an extra special getaway over Easter, maybe a trip with the whole family, a personal loan can give you a lot of flexibility. In addition,  the interest rate on a personal loan is usually lower than that on a credit card. 

If you’re intending to take the trip of a lifetime, you can borrow enough to make that happen then pay it back over time, rather than having to wait to save up, . And it doesn’t matter if you haven’t planned. MONEYME can review and approve your loan application in as little as 60 minutes – and send the funds to your account straight away if approved.  

Getting a lump sum upfront means you can spend your loan any way you like – without having to worry about fees for cash advances.  

When it comes to repaying, choose from a variety of repayment plans to suit your budget. And, should you have a windfall, MONEYME won’t penalise you for shortening your loan period by paying it out early. We don’t charge early exit fees, so you if you pay your loan off sooner you can also save on interest costs.  

Making the most of the share economy  

You can take advantage of the share economy at both ends. Before heading away, check out platforms where you can rent other people’s homes (such as Airbnb and Stayz) and neighbours’ cars (such as Uber Carshare and Turo).  

And, to give yourself even more money, consider listing your home or car. That way you can cover some or all of your rent or mortgage repayments while you’re away. Check out more tips for travelling on a budget

Savour the holiday bliss 

Wherever you’re going for Easter, you want to relax when you get there – without thinking too much about money.  

Organise your finances in advance, and you’ll be free to enjoy every minute.

Interested in a personal loan?

Check your interest rate and repayments in just a few minutes! It won’t impact your credit score.

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