5 Clever ways to give your credit score a leg up

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Team MONEYME|14 February 2023| 2-minute read

Is your credit score getting you down?  

Whether you’re thinking of applying for a credit card or a mortgage, the higher your score, the better.  

It might be just a number, but it means a lot to lenders—because it tells them how good (or not!) you are with money.  

If it’s time to give your credit score a lift, get straight down to business with these clever tips. 

1. Pay everything on time ⏰ 

Whether it’s an electricity bill or a credit card, pay it on time—every time. For cards, be as consistent as possible. That way, you’ll appear (and be!) more reliable as a borrower when lenders review your next application.  

2. Get yourself a credit card 💳 

What? Sure, this might sound crazy.  

But if you don’t currently have a credit card, getting one can help your score, by showing that you can handle financial responsibilities. 

That said, use it responsibly and make sure you always repay before the due date.

3. Don’t make multiple credit applications 😲 

Applying for multiple loans or other types of credit at once might create the impression that you’re short on cash flow.  

If you need credit, try to do your research before you apply or get quotes that don’t affect your credit score —and apply for credit only when you need it.  

4. Seek help 😇 

Are you struggling to get on top of your finances? Give a financial counsellor a call. They’re available for free, and can work with you, confidentially, to create a financial plan.  

Often, two heads are better than one. 

5.  Keep an eye on your score 👀 

Checking your credit score regularly will help to keep you accountable.  

Plus, if you follow these steps, and see positive changes, you’ll likely feel more motivated to keep going.  

You can check your credit score for free and track your progress in the MONEYME app!  

Check your score for free

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