5 ways to transform your entrance – and boost your home’s sale price

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Team MONEYME|05 May 2023| 2-minute read

The entrance is the first thing prospective buyers see. It’s a chance to make a killer first impression. 

Maximise the selling power of yours with these five expert tips.  

Turn the entrance into a mini art gallery  

A simple way to give an entrance sophistication is by adding artworks. These might range from one or two pint-sized paintings to stunning sculptures or ceramics. 

Opt for art that leaves the buyer’s imagination free to roam. Think abstracts in neutral colours – rather than a still life painted by a favourite relative. 

Create a welcoming feel with seating 

An entrance should be as welcoming as it is good-looking. Make prospective buyers feel at home by installing seating.  

Where there’s space, a banquette or timber bench works nicely. Otherwise, a classic armchair might be the right choice.  

Keep colours neutral 

When staging, it can be tempting to unleash the inner interior designer of your dreams. But, it’s not the time for going wild. 

The focus should be on appealing to as many buyers as possible. Think neutral colours, such as whites, creams, browns and greys. Where there’s a need for some drama or warmth, throw in a colour pop or two – without going overboard.   

Make it a multi-tasker 

Could your entrance double as an extra workspace, a spot for a daybed or an indoor-outdoor setting for an afternoon drink?  

Sometimes, all you need is a little imagination–and some smart furniture. This trick is particularly clever where space is at a premium.  

Don’t be afraid to spend a little 

Staging might sound expensive. But, it’s an investment that pays off – by boosting your property’s value.  

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Want more tips? 

Glamming up the entrance is just one way to stage your home for best results. You could also consider hiring a professional stylist, sprucing up your office or adding a bedroom

Key takeaways 

  • Give an entrance sophistication by adding artwork.  
  • Create a welcoming feel by installing seating, be it a banquette or a classic armchair. 
  • Stick to a neutral colour palette to ensure wide appeal. 
  • Consider giving your entrance a double purpose, such as an extra workspace. 
  • Invest more in staging (and boost your sale price) by accessing a $35,000 loan from ListReady

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