Inside Red Bull’s new F1-inspired hypercar

Team MONEYME|01 August 2022| 2-minute read

On July 12th, Red Bull Advanced Technologies announced plans to build the RB17—a hypercar inspired by Formula One racing, but with room for two.  

Everything we know about extreme performance

Its creator is Adrian Newey, who made the Aston Martin Valkyrie, and he plans to pack into the RB17 everything known to humankind about extreme performance. 

The exact details are secret. However, we do know to expect a V8 twin-turbo engine with more than 1,100bhp, plus extraordinarily powerful ground-effect aerodynamics. These create a vacuum between a car and the track, enabling it to take on corners at high speed.

Bringing F1 tech to the (elite) masses

The RB17 will be very much a collector’s item. Red Bull plans to create only 50, selling each for around £5 million (around $AU8.7 million). The car won’t be legally allowed on the road, but owners will get the benefit of a relationship with Red Bull Racing Group, via access to on-track training, simulators and more. Red Bull aims to sell to collectors who want to drive the RB17, rather than onsell it for a marked-up price.

End-to-end production will take place entirely in-house at the 290-acre Red Bull Technology Campus in Milton Keynes, UK, where behind-the-scenes tours book out a year in advance. Building is set to begin in 2025, so it’s time to start saving.

Key takeaways:

  • Red Bull has announced a new, F1-inspired hypercar, called the RB17. It’s designed by Adrian Newey (who created the Aston Martin Valkyrie) and based on everything that human beings know about extreme performance.
  • 50 RB17s will be built entirely in-house at the Red Bull Technology Campus in the UK. Each will sell at around £5 million ($AU8.7 million). 
  • Some clients might be considering a property purchase among other aspirational purchases—be it a new car, a trip to a Formula One race in Australia or overseas, or a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to the UK to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Red Bull’s technology campus.
  • To build a rapport with clients, it’s important to show an interest in their interests. Formula One racing is more popular than ever. The Australian Grand Prix, held in Melbourne in April this year, attracted a record crowd of more than 419,000, while more than 611,000 people tuned into Foxtel’s coverage.

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