Still Cooped Up at Home? Time to Plan Your Next Local Holiday!

Team MONEYME|03 August 2021| 2-minute read

We know we are all itching for a holiday right now as many of us have been stuck at home for the past year due to on and off lockdowns and heightened restrictions. Prices are down, miles are piling up, but there is still no absolute certainty when it will be safe to travel again.

While overseas travel restrictions are still in effect, put a smile on because you can still get your well-deserved, much-needed getaway by opting for nearer and safer destinations! If you hope to make a local trip in the latter part of 2021 or even 2022, here’s a quick list to help you prepare.

Start saving NOW

While it’s true that your destination will be the main determinant of your budget, you can always choose to save as early as now, even when your travel plan is still a blank slate.

Start by setting aside a few bucks here and there. You’ll realise that there are awesome benefits to having a few extra cash in stash from the get-go, rather than only starting to save by the time you have picked a destination and a date.

But if you can’t save right now or one-time big spending isn’t your thing, MONEYME offers same-day personal loans custom-built to pay for holiday expenses with flexible repayments, zero early exit fees and other amazing perks. Don’t let the hassle of budgeting take away the excitement!

Pick your destination

Are you thinking of a relaxing sip and dine at Hunter Valley, a ski trip at Thredbo, or perhaps a sweet escape to the Whitsundays? Even with the price drops in flights and hotels, deciding the right holiday destination is no easy task as there are various factors to think about, such as the weather and vaccine policies.

Stay updated. Before you pack your bags and head out to your next holiday, be sure to check the weather radar and the latest on travel restrictions.

Book early (and smart!)

Yes, we all know that flight and hotel deals are hot right now, but be sure you are selecting the right ones before you go on a booking frenzy. As the situations are unpredictable and we’re always on the verge of plunging into stricter restrictions any time, it pays to choose flexible bookings, like those that offer “free cancellations” and “no change fees” to dodge future hassles.

And while you’re looking for flexible bookings, it just makes sense to go for a payment option with proven flexibility. MONEYME’s Freestyle virtual Mastercard® offers same-day travel funds that you can instantly use once approved to book flights and accommodations, with up to 55 days interest-free and awesome credit back offers. Travel budget and pocket money? Sorted.

Prepare your itinerary

Make a list of the places you want to visit and activities you want to try. This saves you heaps of time and minimises health risks from a prolonged period of wandering around. You can also read online blogs to get local insider tips and hacks to make your holiday even more enjoyable and effortless.

Have fun and safe travels!

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