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Team MONEYME|19 July 2022| 3-minute read

Have you been having trouble keeping up with your monthly bills and expenses lately? We’ve all been there. Good thing, we can now easily control and track down where our hard-earned money goes by simply having these apps installed on our phones:


MoneyBrilliant is a web and app-based expense tracker tool that allows its users to view spending reports and sort out their bills, budgets and tax deductions all in one place. It works by simply connecting your credit card, personal loans or bank accounts to the app. It will automatically categorise your transactions and show an easy-to-grasp summary and breakdown of your spending – such as groceries, hobbies, dining and more.

The app is available both on App Store and Google Play.


This app is perfect if you’re looking for an envelope budget system that fits in your pocket. Goodbudget lets you create virtual envelopes, set a budget for each category, and know how much you have left to spend for the month. You can sync your budgets on your mobile (Android and iPhone) and on the web to share and track all spending with your family and friends.


Spendee lets users manage their money on the go and gives them perfect control of their overall cash expenses and bank accounts, as well as e-wallets and crypto-wallets. Some of its features include sharing of wallets for couples, families or friends with shared expenses. It’s also designed with super user-friendly graphics and allows adding pictures and locations for easier tracking.

The app is available through App Store and Google Play.


What sets PocketSmith apart from its competitor budgeting apps is that it allows its users to manage finances across countries with its multi-currency features.

With this app, users can keep track of all of their bank accounts from around the world in one place and their choice of currency. It works by simply adding details such as bank accounts, personal assets, investments and existing loans to the app. The multi-currency feature is automatically enabled, and the intelligent algorithm instantly handles the currency conversion for its users.


Hailed as a ‘genius’ app, WiseList is a unique money-saving tool that allows you to compare products between Coles and Woolworths based on your shopping list. Apart from potentially saving hundreds of dollars for groceries, you can also use the app to browse thousands of recipes and deliver the grocery items right to your doorstep on the same day. It also has a WiseBill app feature that helps you keep track of upcoming bills and payments.

WiseList is available both on App Store and Google Play.

If you’re looking for efficient ways to sort out your budget, preparing to save a little extra for forthcoming expenses, or simply wanting to be on top of your finances, these apps are definitely worth giving a go!

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