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Team MONEYME|14 March 2022| 1-minute read

An identity to match our journey

We’ve come a long way since launching in 2013. Committed to our belief that money should be fast, accessible and personal, we’ve been able to disrupt the status quo in the world of personal lending. Since our inception, we have created some truly amazing technology and rolled out a number of innovative, industry-first products.

With a visionary mindset, MONEYME is always experimenting and innovating. We’re changing the old ways for the better and are doing it right here, right now.

Above all, we’ve stayed true to our purpose of connecting people with opportunity.

But with the pace of change happening under our chassis, our brand needed to keep up. We needed a look to match our innovation, growth, and mission to become the number one lender for Generation Now. It was time for a revamp.

Say hello to our new look

We embarked on a journey to create a brand that would better reflect who we are and where we are going. Understanding we needed to look both inwards and outwards to get it right, we asked our customers and the wider community for input. We conducted extensive research, surveys, interviews, user testing and much more to inform the new brand direction.

Today, we couldn’t be more thrilled to reveal our revamped brand identity that has plenty of energy, ambition and aspiration – just like our customers.

We back your ambitions

At MONEYME, we’re for the everyday ambitious.

Those with goals big and small.

Positive people with positive purpose.

Because money shouldn’t be tricky.

It should be an opportunity.

At MONEYME we’re democratising opportunity.

Making it a simple, fast and seamless process.

Because when you need money, you need it now.

Money to realise your everyday ambition.

What happens next?

Our revamped brand will begin to roll out across MONEYME’s platforms and products over the next few weeks. You will start to see changes to our app, virtual cards (where applicable) and our website.

What happens to your MONEYME products?
Nothing! Your products will remain as they were with the same awesome experience you’re used to. They will just have a refreshed look and feel which will improve over time.

What does it mean to you?
For now, it’s just our look and feel that is changing. But keep your eyes peeled! We have some awesome new product enhancements and features in the pipeline.

We’re painting the town GREEN
First impressions count, so we’re launching our new look with a bang.

Over the next few weeks you may start seeing our revamped brand on TV, Billboards, Sportsgrounds, Public Transport, Radio and much more.

If you see MONEYME in the wild, we’d love for you to snap a picture and share it with us on Insta! #MONEYME and tag us @team.moneyme

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