Stockhead Interview: Neal Hawkins Talks About Personal Lending Innovation & Trends

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Team MONEYME|05 July 2021| 1-minute read

In Stockhead’s On The Bid video series, fintech CFOs Neal Hawkins (MONEYME) and Andrew Goodwin (Wisr) talk about personal lending and its positively rising impact on today’s market in the height of COVID-19.

MONEYME CFO Neal Hawkins shares his excitement about what tech businesses have put together in this new era of high-speed innovation – and for MONEYME, it’s their recently launched automotive finance solution Autopay that provides vehicle settlement in 60 minutes.

Neal also discusses MONEYME’s capital raise, plans for funding and growth, and international expansion opportunities.

Watch the full video here:

On The Bid: Personal Lending: Innovation, new technology and investing opportunities from Stockhead on Vimeo.

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