5 soft skills every real estate agent needs

Real Estate
Team MONEYME|02 November 2022| 2-minute read

It’s one thing to know the housing market inside out. It’s another to sell it. But, even if you’re not a natural-born salesperson, you can learn.

Here are five soft (read: selling!) skills that every real estate agent needs.

1. Honesty

Telling the truth isn’t always easy. Your client might not want to hear a negative word about an apartment they’re keen on—or that their house isn’t worth as much as they thought.

But, if you’re honest, you’ll build a reputation for trustworthiness in no time.

2. Listening

Selling isn’t all about speaking. It can be tempting to talk up a property from the minute a client arrives. But, before diving into the water views and proximity to the local school, it’s important to listen to your client’s needs.

Not only will it serve them better, but you’ll also show you genuinely care. Who doesn’t like a listening ear?

3. Communication

Good communication is required at every stage—from the first phone call to the moment the client signs on the dotted line.

Be warm, clear and responsive. And, most importantly, ask your client their preferred communication method, be it calls, texts or email.

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4. Negotiation

To secure the best possible deal, outstanding negotiation skills are vital.

At the heart of good negotiation is knowing when to keep fighting for your interests—and when to stop. This requires understanding when to increase pressure, when to accept a compromise, and when to remain silent.

5. Time management

You might be the best listener, communicator and negotiator in the world, but, if you’re always late, it’ll be tough to make a good impression. Remember: your clients are busy, too.

Manage your time better by planning your days and weeks carefully, leaving yourself more time than you’ll think you’ll need to meet deadlines and, if necessary, getting yourself an assistant.

Invest time

If you lack confidence in the skills discussed, there’s no need to despair.

You can develop soft skills by studying, observing (and asking!) others, and practising. With time and commitment, they’ll become second nature.

Key takeaways:

  • In real estate, soft skills are just as important as knowledge of the market.
  • Even if you weren’t born with soft skills, you can learn them.
  • Five of the most important soft skills are honesty, listening, communication, negotiation and time management. — Real estate agents who lack confidence in soft skills can learn through study, observation and practice.

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