Five clever tips for brightening up a home for sale

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Team MONEYME|22 December 2022| 2-minute read

When it comes to preparing a home for the market, there’s often a lot of focus on major steps —like hiring a professional cleaner, renovating the flooring, and landscaping the garden. 

However, the devil’s in the detail. That’s to say, it’s as important to take care of the little things as the big ones. Here are five inexpensive but effective tips to take a home to the next level.

1. Glam up the bathroom

This doesn’t necessarily mean a reno. Even a tired bathroom can be glammed up with items that suggest luxury. 

Think fluffy towels, lush robes, aromatic candles and pot plants. 

2. Neutralise

It’s difficult for a buyer to imagine themselves living in a highly personalised home—dotted with family photos, worn-out cushions, and beloved trinkets. 

Free up that buyer’s imagination with a minimal aesthetic. That means working in a neutral palette (drawing on creams, beiges, and greys).

It also means decluttering. Replace personal items with hero pieces, such as black and white photographs, large vases filled with native flowers, and coffee table books.

3. Enhance the sense of space 

Even a tiny apartment can feel bigger with some clever changes. 

Let in as much natural light as possible, by removing blinds and curtains, and ensuring windows aren’t blocked. Hang a large mirror or two—ideally angled to reflect the outside world. Replace large, cumbersome furniture with smaller, neatly designed pieces. 

4. Make the entrance appealing

First impressions are difficult to undo. 

Ensure that potential buyers are impressed from the outset by improving the entrance. Get rid of shoes, coats, and umbrellas. Add a welcoming rug, artwork, and an accent bench or chair.

5. Boost presentation with ListReady

One easy way to modernise a home is renting furniture through a styling company. 

Persuading a vendor to pay for styling can be a challenge–but, with ListReady, it’s no longer an issue. 

In minutes, vendors can access up to $35,000 to cover a wide range of selling expenses. That money is repayable only when the property settles or after 6 months (whichever comes first).


Access funds to spend on marketing, home improvements, styling, auction fees and much more. Pay when your property sells.

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💡 Key takeaways

  • When staging a home, it’s important to pay attention to the little details. 
  • Glam up a bathroom with fluffy towels, lush robes, aromatic candles, and pot plants.
  • Replace personal touches with a minimal aesthetic, neutral colour palette, and hero pieces. 
  • Enhance the sense of space by letting in more natural light, adding mirrors, and reducing the furniture footprint.
  • ListReady can save time and hassle by providing property owners with a same-day loan of up to $35,000 for preparing their home for market.

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