How AI renovations are helping real estate agents

Real Estate
Team MONEYME|30 September 2022| 2-minute read

Renovating can seem like a fun, creative way to boost a property’s value. But, the experience doesn’t always live up to the ideal—particularly when time, costs, and complications start to add up. 

However, in recent years, AI has been changing the game. More and more people are catching onto its potential to save resources while offering new possibilities.

Hundreds of mock-ups of dream renos

For most renovators, the first step in applying AI is turning their vision into reality—of the virtual kind. AI uses a 3D camera to measure every aspect of a space with extreme accuracy, and can create mock-ups of hundreds of possible solutions. These mock-ups can take into account a variety of information, from utility lines, to construction regulations, to the renovator’s preferences. 

Want to see what a different coloured bench top, or fancier taps, would look like? Want to add a particular feature, such as a breakfast bar or second bench? 

All is possible at a few taps of a screen. There’s no need to contract a designer to spend countless hours creating artists’ impressions.

Greater accuracy and speed mean lower costs

Even a single mistake in the renovating process can blow costs out of the water. AI’s accuracy decreases the risks of error and, therefore, the likelihood of extra costs. 

In addition, AI can measure, mock up, plan, and design at super human speed—cutting weeks, if not  months, off the renovation process. One AI service founder says he can renovate a kitchen within 45 days and at a quarter of the usual price. 

No more juggling multiple contractors

One of the biggest headaches of renovating is juggling multiple contractors—especially when appointments are broken and deadlines aren’t met. 

AI can do all that dirty work for the property owner, by contacting contractors on the owner’s behalf with proposals, including detailed specifications. 

AI renos and real estate agents

Simply put, AI can increase the prospects of selling properties in need of renovation, by providing potential purchasers with the possibility of cheaper, quicker, and faster makeovers. 

Key takeaways:

  • AI can make renovations cheaper, quicker, and easier.
  • Property owners can use AI to perform a variety of tasks, from creating hundreds of super accurate mock-ups, to managing multiple contractors. 
  • Real estate agents can leverage AI to increase their prospects of selling properties that need renovation.

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