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Team MONEYME|15 June 2022| 2-minute read

They say never judge a book by its cover, but what about a house?

The front and backyard of a property play a big part in the impression formed by buyers. 

Small changes to the outdoor areas of a home can improve a property’s street appeal and liveability and help maximise the sale price.

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Freshening up the front lawn

First impressions of a property start at the street before buyers have set foot inside. 

“The front yard’s really important,” said Allie Coutts, lead sales agent at Hutton & Hutton’s north Brisbane office.

“People will very often do a drive-by and then decide even from inside the car, whether they want to come back or not.” 

Clear delineation between garden beds, patios and pavements, along with trimmed shrubbery, a painted fence, and an updated letterbox, have the potential to lift a property’s street appeal.

“Little things like that just sharpen lines, visually becoming more pleasing, and helping encourage people to get out there and walk up the path,” she said.

In November 2021 Coutts listed 63 Mashobra Street, a three-bedroom home in Mitchelton, Queensland.

The vendors began work on the property’s exteriors in the lead-up to the sale, updating the fence, installing a new letterbox, and painting the house.

“There was a lot of shrubbery, so they just cleared it and put pathways down,” she said. “They created a nice, open space, and that’s what buyers were falling over themselves for.”

The modernised Queenslander went on to sell for $1,750,000.


Boosting the value of a backyard

A manicured, inviting, and practical backyard can also forge a strong impression on buyers.

Melbourne’s Casey Estate Agents’ Taqi Muradi recommends making the backyard a tidy, open and friendly space.

“Everything has to be perfect,” he said. “You want to make sure there’s no water leakage showing, it’s painted, fresh and the grass has been cute.”

Muradi said that making the extra effort of putting some tables in the backyard can make a huge difference.

The backyard was a key feature for a four-bedroom Melbourne property Muradi sold in May 2022.

Listed online, 37 Geebung Road was described as having a huge undercover entertaining area that invites good times and relaxation. The backyard and under-cover deck area were trumpeted for providing plenty of room for the kids and pets to play while the whole family enjoys a summer bbq.

Learn how ListReady can help clients cover the cost of preparing a front or backyard for sale. 

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