Marketing over the holiday period to win listings

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Team MONEYME|22 December 2022| 2-minute read

The holiday break presents excellent opportunities for real estate content marketing. It’s when people start having discussions about selling–and start researching agents for the new year. 

Here are some expert tips for making sure your marketing stands out and you make it onto their shortlist. 

Write an out-of-the-box holiday message

It’s important to send well wishes to your followers, but don’t stop there. Your newsletter should stand out. 

Add a fun visual, such as a video featuring you and your team. Run a giveaway—it’s Christmas! Include a wrap-up of your key achievements for the year. Share your plans for spending time with family and friends over the holiday. Invite your followers to share their plans with you.

Conquer Google reviews

Is your Google average less than 4.5 stars? Do you have hardly any reviews?

Whatever the case, December is good for devoting attention to Google reviews. Send texts and emails to everyone you know, thanking them for their business and politely asking them to leave you a review. 

Flex your generous side 

Christmas is perfect for flexing your generous side. 

If, during the year, you raised funds for a charity or volunteered somewhere, share your good works via your socials with some candid snaps and a line or two about why you helped.

If you haven’t worked in the community this year, then consider doing so over Christmas—or making plans for it in the New Year. 

Stay active on socials

To ensure you remain visible on potential clients’ news feeds, keep yourself active on social media. 

As always, your focus should be on helpful, compelling, shareable content. What do you offer that other real estate agents don’t—be it better service, an outstanding sales history, or expertise in a particular niche? What type of content would be most useful to your clients—tips for staging their home, insightful research about their area, or predictions about the market?

If you don’t want to work over the holiday period, then schedule your content in advance. 

💡 Key takeaways

  • The holidays are great for real estate content marketing because it’s when potential clients research agents for the following year.
  • Make your holiday message stand out with fun and unusual content, such as videos and giveaways.
  • In December, ask followers to write Google reviews.
  • Flex your generous side by sharing charity or volunteer work via social media, or making plans to get involved with your community.
  • Stay active on socials throughout the holidays with helpful, compelling, shareable content.

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