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Team MONEYME|19 July 2022| 2-minute read

The pandemic has seen an almighty surge in people buying pets. Post-lockdown pet owners far and wide are calling for cities to become more pet-friendly so their pooch can join them at the pub. The matter’s gained so much traction that it even became an issue during December’s NSW local government elections. But what does it mean for a property, suburb, or city to be “pet-friendly”?

Pets at the pub, please

The pandemic has inspired every man and his dog to get… well a dog. Along with toilet paper, instant noodles, and sourdough starter, Australians have been keen as anything to invest in a pet during covid.

Shelters around the country have been sold out of furry friends in need of a home. In August Lost Dogs Home recorded 416 adoptions in just one month, doubling the average rate before the pandemic. So what bearing is the oh-so-cute rise in family pets having on the property market?

Chris Angilley is the principal at Laing+Simmons in Camden and Macarthur, the area in Sydney which had the highest proportion of explicitly pet-friendly rental listings in 2019. 

“We probably have more questions from renters about pet-friendly properties than we do from buyers,” he said. “If an owner is not keen on pets, or the property is not suitable for pets, it would limit the number of applications I would get for a property.”

Newer suburbs in Sydney such as a Spring Farm are already accommodating four-legged friends. “There are a lot of open play areas, lakes, and there is a designated off-leash dog area,” said Angilley.

Pet-friendly properties for proud owners

For proud pet-owners looking for a new home, a pet-friendly suburb can make all the difference.

Nelson Alexander real estate agent Rick Daniel has been working in Melbourne’s Fitzroy for over a decade.

“I think inner-city buyers, typically with pets, do like to buy nearer to the Yarra Trail, the Merri Creek Trail, or the Parkland [Walk],” he said.  

“I think that part of the property research journey commences with one’s personal requirements.”

Properties that are close to parks take the pressure off having a big backyard for your pet to roam around in. 

“People like the idea of ‘okay at least I’ve got a little area where my little creature can go out and do their business, at least I can take him once a day to a park’,” said Daniel.

Key Takeaways:

  • While pet-friendly features aren’t necessarily a deal-breaker, for buyers looking to move into a new home they can still be an asset.
  • Buyers looking to invest in a rental property should consider the surge in tenants hoping to move into pet-friendly homes.

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