Three clever tips to help estate agents save time

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Team MONEYME|01 December 2022| 2-minute read

More clients than you can handle? Drowning in spreadsheets? Never feel like you’re on top of everything?

It’s time to take a deep breath—and master your time management. It’s great that business is booming, but not so great that it’s coming at the cost of your sanity. Here are three top tips to help you save time and get your life back. 

Managing client relationships speedily with software

Attracting a steady stream of clients is a big achievement. But, if you don’t manage them efficiently, you could lose leads—or generate unhappy reviews, which can hurt your reputation.

One way to speed things up is with high-tech software. A single program can perform an array of tasks, including:

  • Scheduling appointments;
    • Automating email, including replying to questions about listed properties;
    • Sorting out your prospects, so you can find their details at the tap of a finger;
    • Tracking data, such as clients’ behaviour on your website; and
    • Updating sales details.

Prioritising with proper ‘to-do’ lists

You’ve no doubt made a million to-do lists. But, how often have they worked, as in, really worked?

There are to-do lists, and then there are to-do lists. 

First, you need daily, weekly, and monthly lists. Second, each list should be ordered according to priority, to ensure you get the most important tasks done first. Third, every item should be labelled with a time, date, and place—as to when you’re going to conquer it.

Sorting out funds in a flash with ListReady  

ListReady can save you tonnes of time when it comes to paperwork, by providing your client with up to $35,000 to prepare their property for market, without any fuss.

Your client can sign up online at lightning speed, and funds are made available instantly. The funds can be transferred to you, or to other parties involved, such as tradespeople. 

There’s no need to pay a cent upfront—or until the property is sold. Plus, there are no hidden charges. Instead, funds attract a simple, monthly 2.25% fee. That’s all there is to it.


Access funds to spend on marketing, home improvements, styling, auction fees and much more. Pay when your property sells.

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Key takeaways:

  • It’s possible to have success and sanity at once, if you master your time.
  • Consider investing in software to help you streamline client relationship management.
  • Replace regular to-do lists with effective lists, ordered according to priorities.
  • Save time on paperwork by engaging ListReady, which can provide your clients with up to $35,000 instantly to prepare their property for market.

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